Functional Training

What is Functional Training?

Functional Training is a new kind of physical training, which differs from the analytic concept of training in sessions. Functional Training is based on the use of gestures and global exercises.

These gestures, based on natural daily movements of the human body, are combined with those gestures that have been developed during physical activity and team sport.

We organise routines for this purpose, looking to develop a balance in those parts of the body that generate movement, such as the fixator muscles.

Our concept of function also focuses on the balance within the body, taking into account metabolic factors and aiming to improve them as well – a key element of a good athlete.

Functional training is an exercise where you will work with chains of muscles. In each exercise you use the “Core” as the stabilizer of your body and from there, practice postures where movement improves your physical appearance and the way your body feels.

You will have a great time and use workout material that you probably haven’t seen in the gyms, including the air step, medical balloons, Powerball, multirole, jumper and other types of exercise equipment that are specific to this type of dynamic training.

This training differs to other types of exercise because it:

  • Improves your nerve system
  • Improves your muscular coordination
  • Improves your joint preservation
  • Improves your balance