“I hate violence, but I love to practice boxing. I enjoy hitting hard, without anyone getting hurt. Once a week I do boxing with Daniel. It makes me happy.

My body gets strong and it frees my mind of stress. If you want to get fit and have fun at the same time, I can really recommend personal training with Daniel Benites. P.S. As a bonus you do get toned arms to die for…”

Maria Agrell, Barcelona.


I used to think I hated exercise, but I’ve had a change of attitude since I began working out with Daniel. I actually look forward to our core training sessions. In less than three months, I feel better, look better, and, most importantly, am improving and getting stronger with each visit. Daniel is a great personal trainer. I recommend him to anyone looking for improvement in health and confidence through exercise.

Diana Mahmoud, Barcelona


“I wanted to start regular exercise so I joined the gym and to begin with I went but then I stopped going.

When I found out that Daniel was offering different types of training, I became interested in the cardio-box because of how you move your body doing it and the excitement of using boxing gloves.

And when someone tells you to do “two more sit-ups” and motives you, it really helps The final stretching is amazing and makes me feel like new!”

Daniela Intieri, Terapeuta de Shiatsu i moviment.


“Dany is a fantastic instructor.

Not only does he come to your home, making it really convenient, but he knows just how much to push you without making it scary or making it hurt.

My training sessions with Dany have given me so much more energy and I really look forward to them, even on Saturday mornings!”

Neil Christie.


“Dany has helped me get back into shape and reclaim the fit body I used to have in the past and was starting to miss.

I’ve always been really active and sporty but lately had not been exercising because I just couldn’t get motivated. Dany’s session are super fun and laid back but you still get a fantastic workout. I alternate between cardio-box and functional training which i think is the ideal combination of toning and cores stability.

Thanks Dany for helping me rediscover how much fun it is to move!”

Djanira Cortesão.

“Dany is very professional in his work and he makes a personalised program for each client.

I feel in good hands when training with Dany and he helps me improve in aspects of training that help in my day to day life.”

Uby Muñoz.

“The football training I had with Daniel in London was really fun, exciting and I became better at my headers.

My wish is that Daniel comes and lives in London so that we can do more classes.”

Billy Dennis, 8 years old,

West Ham supporter.


“Dany taught me how to control the ball and how to shoot in different ways.

We also worked on headers and dribbling. I recommend Dany to other kids who love soccer and want to get better.”

Jacob Cohen, 10 years old

ex player Benjamin Franklin School, Barcelona.


“Dany focused on developing my son’s technical skills.

The exercises were fun but always had a purpose. My son recently rejoined his team back home in the USA and his coaches have been marveling over how much he has advanced since we left.”

Marc Cohen.

Daniel Benites testimonial Ibiza

“Johnny thoroughly enjoyed training with Dany. Dany has both technical understanding of physical fitness with the emotional perception to teach through appropriate motivation and encouragement. A powerful combination for kids.”

Debra Bourne, mother of Johnny Rosen, Ibiza.

Daniel Benites Ibiza testimonial 2

“My family and I have spent the last 7 summer holidays on the island of Ibiza which we love.
I decided to try and combine fitness with Danny and massage with Nunu, this collaboration is fantastic as you work out,stretch and then relax. If you are into keeping up your fitness on holiday this is a must. Danny makes it fun, he is careful in his choice of exercises for you and you feel great afterwards.

I would highly recommend using this duo. They do offer the perfect body combination for one’s health.”

Gozi Wamuo, Ibiza.

Kirstie Ben“Dany is a fantastic trainer! His sessions are fun and varied, and the boxing aspect is perfect for unwinding and releasing stress after a hard day at work. Being able to train together with Dany is an added bonus, as it adds some teamwork and competition to the sessions. We wholeheartedly recommend Dany to anyone interested in training in BCN!”

Ben and Kirstie, Barcelona